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About me

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I am Sam Sinclair, and like many in my field, I wear a lot of hats. To some I’m a writer, storyteller, designer or animator. To others I’m a PR guy, digital marketing and events practitioner.

Of all these specialty areas, there are two overarching aspects that remain constant in my practice. The first is creativity –  the fabrication of innovative and eye-catching ideas inspired by popular culture. The second element is that all of my work revolves around messages. I take messages that lie embedded in all forms of communication, and I reshape them, rework them and refocus them to impact my audience. The final product is delivered with care; intended to achieve a reaction in consumers that benefits my cause. This is why my love affair with public relations is so strong!

I created this website to share my stories in the PR industry, and hopefully give you a space here to share yours too. If you’d like to play a part in The PR Practitioner project, please contact me in any way using the links below.


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@samjsin on Twitter

Sam Sinclair on LinkedIn

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