If you work for a larger company, you may have offices and indeed colleagues, who operate overseas. You might see their name in  your inbox. You might Skype them every couple of months. But have you ever thought about visiting them? It could be worth it.

In October this year, I was lucky enough to have some time away from my office in Melbourne, Australia, to explore the beautiful Asian commercial hubs, Singapore and Hong Kong.

My company WE Communications has key APAC offices in both cities, and although I had plenty of time to explore, eat, drink, and enjoy, I also managed to work a little too.

In Singapore, I dropped in to WE-WATATAWA on a sunny Tuesday, where I met with Shefali Srinivas, VP, Healthcare for WE APAC, as well as her wider healthcare team. Shefali is a kind and welcoming manager who runs a spectacular healthcare communication practice across the Asia-Pacific region.

In a small meeting room in Singapore, I gave a presentation on WE Buchan in Australia, our healthcare practice, as well as a short case study on some of the work we are doing with our client ViiV Healthcare.

In Hong Kong the following Friday, I had a meeting scheduled with James Fearnside, Regional Marketing Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. James and I had worked together on a company-wide global data launch, and we were able to have a debrief over coffee. One meeting with James turned into multiple when I met fellow employees I’d been in previous correspondence with.

The below photos are some memories of my time at WE Singapore and WE Hong Kong, as well as some travel photos. If your work has offices in other countries, why not visit them?




Tsuta Ramen
A perk of visiting colleagues? Food recommendations. This is Michelin Star restaurant Tsuta Ramen

Hong Kong

WE Hong Kong office


Sam works at WE Buchan, a leading integrated communications agency.